• Integrated Security Solutions Co. (ISS) is one of the leading systems integrators in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, providing a complete one-stop shop solution, Supply, Installation and Integration for Security, Surveillance and Network systems.
  • Road Blockers, Automatic Rising Bollards & Slideing Gates have been around for many years now. When the first models came out they were simply manufactured and installed without any testing or knowledge of whether they would work or at best slow the intruder down.
  • ISS is proud to be able to provide a wide range of scanning equipment ranging from mail room scanners up to the full size truck and container scanners for use in border and customs use.
  • Modern explosive vapor detectors are designed to sniff out explosives hidden in luggage and other packages. Using hyper sensitive sensors the devices will detect small traces of explosive alerting security staff of hidden dangers with the package.
  • Under Vehicle Search Systems (UVSS) are an evolution of the mirror on a stick and flashlight that may or may not find anything.
  • Fence Line security is a new and modern system that allows you to monitor many kilometers of fence line without the need to have guards constantly patrolling the fence.
  • CCTV and IP camera systems, to meet all your needs, can be supplied installed and integrated into you control room security systems, providing a full and comprehensive system to monitor both indoor and outdoor locations using the latest technology rated to IP66 and IP68 where required.
  • Modern access control systems derived from the old alpha numeric keypads are now highly sophisticated and can be administered by authorized persons from any location in the world whilst travelling.
  • Because of the speed and totality of the destructive forces of fire, it constitutes one of the more serious threats.
  • Network communication are shaping our life more than ever before, they are one of the keys to a new intelligent future. All Security systems now are all integrated and work over network system . We are living in the internet protocol world now.
  • Our Tracking Systems provide military and government organizations with a secure web-based application for full tracking system capability, including situational awareness, operational command and control, emergency response and the ability to provide comprehensive post operation debriefing.
  • AIS based monitoring and surveillance services are becoming increasingly important in the maritime world where efficient and safe sea transportation is a key factor in the global economy

Group of Companies

ISS is one of Companies Group:

  1. Middle East Investment Co. (MIC)

    MIC is a major investment boutique company, house based on Saudi Arabia and operating across the EMEA region. MIC has grown to become one of the top Saudi investment companies, and also one of the fastest growing organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


  2. STME

    Since 1982 STME was built on a solid foundation of storage provision to provide turnkey integrated system solutions for some of the Middle East’s most important business-critical data. Acknowledged as the region’s premier end-to-end enterprise IT solutions provider, STME delivers unparalleled service through a team of highly qualified solution design specialists.


  3. Jawa Petroleum Co.

    One of the largest companies in the Gulf region which satisfies diversifies industry requirements on Trading, Services, Construction, Manufacturing, and ICT Sectors. A high motivated, talented and visionary team is leading the company with well-equipped capital, infrastructure and business houses in Gulf region and behind. Jawa Petroleum Co. respects and nature and its value and is committed to deliver its echo friendly products, solutions and services to the world.


  4. JAWA Communication and Information Technologies

    Jawa is a leading Company with renowned reputation in the ICT sector by offering value-added products and services, and working to localize its creative expertise efficiently and profitably.


  5. Storage Technology Company (STCOM)

    STCOM provides Hardware Infrastructure components to end-users, Solution integration in Saudi Arabia in a very short delivery time and attractive selling prices. Currently, we are providing components for: Service, Network Accessories, and Network Infrastructure.


  6. Creative Telecom Co. (CTC)

    CTC is a leading Saudi Company specialized in Telecommunication Systems, serving the business community in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by offering Telecom Technology services, products, and integrated solutions through our branches and sister companies.


  7. Eastern Recruitment Company

    A single source recruitment company endure alone specialties in manpower supply and recruitment services, with the mission of providing the highest level of human resources selection and recruitment to companies in Saudi Arabia. We endeavor to render comprehensive solutions meeting or exceeding client needs and adding value to the projects.


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