Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) Detection Systems


Counter-terrorism experts within the DHS, CDC, and NIOSH are vexed by building vulnerability. An office building has a high concentration of human life encapsulated in a small space; an ideal target for today’s merciless terrorist. The experts repeatedly identify the HVAC system as the most likely distribution point for a toxic attack. Authorities predict that a future attack against our country’s infrastructure will involve Toxic Industrial Chemicals or a Dirty Bomb because the material is so easy for a terrorist to obtain, carry and disperse. These toxins can be easily released into a building’s outside fresh air intake, or into an interior return air intake on any floor. The lethal air will be distributed throughout the entire building via the HVAC system in just 3-5 minutes… before anyone is aware that anything has happened. Death, serious injury, and enormous property damage will be the result