Access Control & RFID Systems

Modern access control systems derived from the old alpha numeric keypads are now highly sophisticated and can be administered by authorized persons from any location in the world whilst travelling. With proximity cards and biometrics systems can be made more secure and complex giving zoned access or total area access depending on an individual’s security clearance using smart cards which can also be used as identity cards.

Access control is rapidly becoming common place in companies both large and small providing them with the ability to see at a glance who is in or out of the building providing vital information in the event of a building evacuation. Coupled with entry doors or turnstiles visitor tags can be selected to allow visitors only into areas that they are intended and not your secure areas. With added RFID, both visitors and staff alike can be tracked or located anywhere in the building.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags have been around for as long time often fitted to products in large stores to prevent theft using a simple loop detector at the exit from the store and a built in alarm that will sound when an un-cancelled tag is taken through them.

More recent developments have brought about many different uses for RFID such as asset tracking within buildings or between departments. Now, with new higher powered tags people can be tracked within the building or secure environment with the use of extended networks both indoors and outdoors, ideal for keeping track of unescorted visitors. Tags can be attached to cars for fleet management and access control into fleet car parks.

Specialized systems can be installed into vehicles to record who is driving the vehicle and how long they used the vehicle for.

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