Detectors & Scanning Machines

ISS is proud to be able to provide a wide range of scanning equipment ranging from mail room scanners up to the full size truck and container scanners for use in border and customs use.

There are many types of scanner produced today for different uses; all our scanners for packages and baggage are TSA approved for use in airport and sea ports providing the highest level of security.

Car and small van scanners are designed to provide maximum security and maximum safety for the drivers, utilizing the lowest possible dose of radiation but still providing a perfect scan of the contents of cars and vans, such systems can be setup for secure facilities or at borders where there is a need to check for people smuggling or contraband such as drugs or other illegal materials being smuggled across the border.

Walk-through Metal Detectors have become a common sight at airports, hotels and other venues where there is a need for security. Our range of walk through metal detectors is also approved for airport use if required, providing systems with multi-level detection system to detect metal objects. Easily programmable they are your part of first line of defense.