Fencing and Perimeter Surveillance

Fence line security is a new and modern system that allows you to monitor many kilometers of fence line without the need to have guards constantly patrolling the fence.

Utilizing fiber optic cable the system works on a complex monitoring system that monitors the passage of light through the fiber cables once the sensor cable is disturbed by either vibration or by cutting, the light pattern will be disrupted and give an alarm at the control room giving a location of the intrusion within a few meters of the actual point.

A built in cut protection system will allow the system to continue to function even after the cable has been completely cut allowing the operator to continue to monitor the perimeter until repairs can be made.

The system is ideal for compound perimeters, airport boundaries and borders where long distance monitoring is required.

Modern Perimeter Surveillance systems no longer need lots of personnel to simply sit and monitor screens or constantly patrol long borders or fences in the hopes of catching intruders. Using state of the art equipment the security team can be alerted of any security breach or possible breach well before they may have spotted it by the old fashioned methods.

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