Networks & Audio Visual Systems

Network communications are shaping our life more than ever before. They are one of the keys to a new intelligent future. All security systems now are all integrated and work over network system. We are living in the internet protocol world now.

Telecommunication and networking are essential elements in communication using electronics technology. However, there are many technologies that are still using traditional telephones often referred to as POTS (plain old telephone system). Now, the world is evolving and experiences Voice over IP, Mobile IP and many more.

A complete range of multi-media tools are available to meet every client’s Audio Visual requirements from design, supply, implementation and operations & maintenance, ISS is fully capable to render this service.

ISS has access to various types of Projection System, Plasma, LCD, LED Monitors, Video Walls, Home Theatres & Entertainment Systems, Audio-Video Conference Systems, Translation Systems, Nurse Call Systems, Paging Systems and a wide variety of Audio-Visual related products and systems.

ISS will create a system tailored to the client’s actual requirement.