Tracking Systems

Our Tracking Systems provide military and government organizations with a secure web-based application for full tracking system capability, including situational awareness, operational command and control, emergency response and the ability to provide comprehensive post operation debriefing. We provide a turn-key server solution precisely tailored to a Situational Command and Control Platform, allowing forces to operate situational command and control over 10,000 assets at any one time. All communications use a secure virtual private network and encryption, and all satellite data is sent via a secure satellite network offering no-weak-link, point-to-point encryption.

Also, we are specialize in vehicle tracking equipment and services that help improve performance and cut costs, no matter what industry you serve. Whether you are a business owner looking to control inventory and employee time, or you are a dispatcher interested in an easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate vehicle tracking system.

ISS can help you find a simple and effective solution.