Under Vehicle Inspection with ANPR

Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) are an evolution of the mirror on a stick and flashlight that may or may not find anything. Today’s UVIS systems can take either moving or still images of the complete underside of cars, trucks or buses allowing the operator to make a full and thorough search of the vehicle from a safe distance in the guard hut.

Other more complex systems not only scan the vehicle but also take the vehicles registration plate details and link both together thus allowing for a first scan and then on future scans of the car they can recognize if there have been any changes to the underside of the vehicle, if no change the vehicle will be allowed to enter. If changes are found then the vehicle is prevented from entering until it has been verified.

With ANPR added to UVIS to enhance security, the systems can both recognize driver and license plate numbers. The systems can be linked to the national database to alert security of stolen or vehicles on the watch list.

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